A new clean and safe way to have back up power for your home or business. With the solar panel input option you can own your own green power at an affordable price. When the grid goes down for extended periods such as the 2010 May flood, you can keep your essentials running.
    While whole house systems cost tens of thousands of dollars, an INDOOR GENERATOR is only a fraction of that, and you can add power and run time as your budget allows.

    A typical computer UPS back up will keep your computer running long enough to do an orderly shutdown so you don't loose what you were working on. Imagine being able to keep working, playing your game, or nosing around on Facebook while the power is out. The INDOOR GENERATOR can be sized to run for hours or even days without power!

     A gasoline generator can be used to keep your fridge running, but not without you going out in the storm, finding the gas you hopefully did not use for the mower, starting it, and running the cord through the window.
     The INDOOR GENERATOR can sit quietly in your kitchen, living room or bedroom, and when power goes out, it automatically switches to battery power without you even knowing it.
     In cases of real emergency during these unstable times your local gas station may not even have power to pump gas so sun or wind power may be your only choice for energy. Pull out your solar panels and keep on living.

     Check out the products on this site. Custom sizes and cabinets can be built to match your existing furniture, and there are various way to implement them into your home. It's best if GBT comes to your house and helps you choose the right product for you, so contact us and we'll start the process of making you energy independent using clean and free power from the sun.